About Us

Garrison Traver and Monica Adler have been selling antiques as Sundance Antiques since 1978. We have been in our current location since 1988.  We buy everything from individuals who come in our store and from private homes so we never know what we will be able to offer for sale next!  Inventory is constantly changing so most customers check often!

We buy and sell all styles of Antique Furniture from 1850's-1930's, American and European- oak, walnut, mahogany, pine and more!  We also sell select furniture FOR customers on consignment, ask us if you are interested. All of our antiques are in great shape and ready to go right into your home. We restore, refinish and repair as necessary so that everything is in great shape!

We always have hundreds of vintage and antique lamps (floor lamps; table lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, and oil lamps).  You will be amazed! We have more great old lamps than any place WE have ever seen!

We also have 100's of pieces porcelain, glassware, primitives, cast iron cookware, stained glass windows, old office furniture, vintage luggage, vintage purses, and always 50 to 100 mirrors!

We have more vintage Rhinestone jewelry than most anyone and always a large selection of vintage Southwest Silver and Turquoise

In short, we have 3000 ft. of space crammed floor to ceiling with 10,000 ft. of really good antique everything - ALL ready for you to put in your home and enjoy (at very reasonable prices).

Our inventory is constantly changing, please stop by and see what new things we have to offer!

We do some repairs on furniture and lamp rewiring and repairs.